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Fresh Sausage Seasonings

All of our Sausage Seasonings include just simple indgredients (such as salt, pepper, chili peppers, etc.) and NEVER contain MSG, Glutten, or other chemical additives. 

---  Seasoning packs are all sold in convenient 5 lb batch sizes for our DIY Sausage Customers --

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Fresh Sausage Seasonings:

- Sweet Italian

- Hot Italian

- Polish Kielbasa

- Bratwurst

- Mexican Chorizo

- Cajun Sausage

- Breakfast Sausage

- Andouille Sausage

- Philly Steak & Cheese

Butcher Supplies

- Snack Stick Casings -- 21mm Mahogoney

- Summer Sausage Casings

- Natural Hog Casings (32-35 mm)

- Dried Jalapenos

- Cracked Peppercorns

- Jerky Seasoning Kits

Hi Temp Cheese

High temperature cheese is specially made so that it will not melt when cooked under normal smokehouse temperatures. Used at 10% to 15% level, High Temp Cheese gives a creamy flavor to your sausage products. The 1/4" dice is a perfect size for all types of sausages from big bologna to snack sticks.

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Hi Temp Cheeses:

- Hi Temp Cheddar Cheese

- Hi Temp Swiss Cheese

- Hi Temp Pepperjack Cheese

- Hi Temp Blue Cheese

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