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Durham Ranch Bison

Durham Ranch is a 55,000 acre Bison Ranch which has been family owned and operated since 1965.  Durham Ranch Bison is processed under federal government inspection and adheres to stringent USDA regulations. The animals are grass raised and finished with a nutritionally balanced, all vegetarian diet consisting of hay forages and grains. Bison offer many added health benefits including:

- Healthier, more nutrient rich protein with less fatt, calories, and cholestrial 

- No Hormone or antibiotic growth enhancers

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Bison Meats & Products:

- Ground Bison -- 1 lb Retail Box

- Ground Bison Patties 1/4 lb -- 4 per

- Top Sirloin Bison Steak -- 10 oz Cut Steak

- Bison Frankfurters -- 5/1 Hot Dogs

- Bison Hand Cut Stew -- 1 lb Retail 

- Bison Medallion Cuts -- 8 oz pkg

Durham Ranch Elk

Durham Ranch Elk are farm raised and either CFIA or USDA inspected. Elk are members of the deer family and North American Elk can grow up to sizes of 500-700lbs. They taste similar to venison, reindeer or antelope. 

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Elk Meats & Products:

- Ground Elk -- 1 lb Retail Box

- Elk Steak Medallions -- 4 oz 

- Ground Elk Patties 1/4 lb -- 4 per

- Elk Hand Cut Stew -- 1 lb Retail 

Elk Specialty Homemade Products

- Elk Mild Italian Sausage

- Elk Swedish Meatballs

- Elk Spicy Italian Sausage

- Elk Italian Meatballs w/ Mozzarella Cheese

Durham Ranch Venison

Durham Ranch Cervena Venison is distinguised from all other venison by the trademark assurance that the meat has been naturally produced and processed in accreditied plants, according to a system of high quality standards. In order to qualify as Cervena, cuts must come from animals three years and under and raised in the most natural way. 

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Venison Meats & Products:

- Ground Venison -- 1 lb Retail Box

- Venison Whole Backstraps -- 4 lb avg.

- Ground Venison Patties 1/4 lb -- 4 per

- Venison Hand Cut Stew -- 1 lb Retail 

- Venison Steak Medallions -- 4 oz 

Venison Specialty Homemade Products

- Venison Cheddar Beer Brats

- Venison Mushroom Swiss Brats

- Venison Pre-Made Meatloafs

- Venison Shepherd Pies

Durham Ranch Wild Boar

Durham Ranch Wild Boar consume an all natural diet, consisiting of mostly acorns and bursh. The meat is naturally lean and extremely high in protein.  It's sweet, nuty, intense flavor makes Durham Ranch Wild Boar a natural choice for any restaurant or home cook looking for something truly unique and enexpected. The Wild Boar are free range, 100 natural, low in fat, and high in protein. 

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Boar Meats & Products:

- Ground Boar -- 1 lb Retail Box

- Wild Boar Bacon -- 12 oz Retail 

- Wild Boar Country Sausage -- 1 lb Retail

- Wild Boar Breakfast links -- 1 lb Retail

Exotic Wild Game Meats

Durham Ranch also carries a wide variety of exotic game meats which are responsibly harvested on all natural game ranches.  These animals are raised on their 100,000 acre game ranch.

Weiss' Wild Game Headquarter's Carries the following Exotic Meats & Products:

- Alligator Sirloin Tail Meat

- Ground Rabbit

- Ground Kangaroo -- 1 lb Retail box

- Kangaroo Medallions -- 4 oz

Sausage & Small Plates

 Our Durham Ranch All Natural Sausage line and Small Plate offerings are made with all natural ingrediants, are MSG, Gluten, and phosphate free and contain no added fillers.

- Kangaroo Pot Stickers

- Venison Potstickers

- Wild Boar Spring Rolls

- Rabbit w/ White Wine & Herbs Sausage

- Duck w/ Orange Sausage

- Lamb Merguez Sausage

- Bison Chipotle Sausage

- Bison Burgundy Sausage

- Pheasant Cognac Sausage

- Alligator Andouille Cajun Sausage

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